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Glazing racks, harp carts, assembly stations, conveyors, tilt tables, dollies and more.

Manufacturing plants for windows and doors have a huge need for proper equipment and carts to stay efficient and keep up with rising demand. Our line of products includes carts and racks for inbound materials, tables and lifts for assembly, and solutions for handing both finished goods and waste.

We’ve stepped foot in many window plants around the country and understand your challenges. Glazing racks, tilt tables, harp carts, racks and dollies from Medalist will be a perfect match for your factory. Our products will shine with quality and workmanship, proudly built by hardworking American craftsmen.

Case Study

Just a glazing rack? During a manufacturing improvement event a team decided they could use one station for multiple tasks, thus reducing their footprint and handling burden. Medalist was quick to make modifications to the height adjustment range and location of the rear support tubes to accommodate the new task. The result is a multi-use station to help keep up with the huge demand for vinyl windows in todays growing market.

A concept drawing of a glazing rack A blue 6 foot glazing rack, with white accents and grey rollers on the bottom

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