Laser & Bend

Small to medium sized jobs with quick turnaround

Our Mazak laser can quickly turn out small to medium sized jobs to keep your projects on track. Using RADAN nesting software we will maximize customer jobs to give you the quickest service possible at a fair price.

Not every shop is willing to cut aluminum and stainless material. But since we utilize both in our own products we will be happy to cut for you as well. And if you need steel, we do that too up to 1″ thick!

Case Study

During a machine design review for our popular Tilt Tables the team discussed the desire to reduce the total time in fabrication. Utilizing a new conveyor design we created a simple Laser & Bend component that not only reduced time on the welding table, but eliminated various materials in the BOM and presented a great place to do some Medalist branding. Now a simple conveyor becomes a spotlight of quality when it’s in the up position facing the operator.

See it in Action

Our 5×10′ Mazak CO2 plate laser is ready to work for you – up to 1″ thick steel.

Get Started.

Looking for quick turnaround on a small to medium sized job? We can do that.