Industrial Machine Design

Tackling manufacturing challenges with a proven record of outstanding ROI and rugged reliability

A premier equipment supplier for over 30 years to manufacturers who demand world-class solutions. Our design team has over 75 years of collective experience within the walls of Medalist! We’ve tackled and solved challenges for Fortune 500 companies, for local historical structures, from massive automated cells for agricultural equipment, to trim fixtures for blow-mold manufacturers. Our scope of experience is unrivaled.

We start with getting to know your demands and work to solve those first and foremost. Our CAD drawings begin to take shape and are shared with you at key intervals throughout the process. We can collaborate onsite, through video conferencing, or at our facility to ensure each machine that ships exceeds expectations. You can be sure that each completed project will shine with quality and workmanship, proudly built by hardworking American craftsmen.

Case Study

We love a challenge at Medalist! This customer needed to quickly drill holes in blow molded plastic tiles. The catch? There were 4 different diameters of tiles, and two possible hole sizes. The machine needed to keep pace with a high production blow mold line and be a “drop & go” for the operator. This tile drill automatically centers, rotates, drills, and discharges the tile with little input. Each tile can be completely drilled in less than 65 seconds, no matter the number of holes or sizes.

Our Design in Action

What’s your bottleneck? We can increase throughput without increasing your staff!

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