ErgoMove® Carts

Custom carts that integrate with the Blickle ErgoMove® system. Plug & Play material handling solutions.

Blickle ErgoMove® has addressed the challenge of safely moving heavy material carts by an operator. These powered systems are capable of powering a cart with capacity up to 8,800 lbs. Partner this drive and control system with a custom cart from Medalist Manufacturing to optimize your workflow while keeping operators from potential fatigue and injury.

Need to transport heavy goods on a cart? Or need to set a standard pallet on a cart that can be moved from cell to cell without the need of a forklift? Our line of carts can handle the most basic of loads to complicated fixtures CAD designed to meet your exact product needs. Want to mobilize a heavy workbench, large piece of equipment, or sub-assembly? We can design and build a perfect solution.

See it in Action

This custom cart being run through its paces before the production run is started.

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