Custom Metal Work

Unique one-off designs from stainless, aluminum, bronze, brass and more.

Sometimes it’s the very last detail that either “makes” the project or leaves it feeling unfinished. The use of a custom metal creation can elevate your project to the next level. Let our designers draft it in CAD and see your idea come to life. We can tackle almost anything including fencing and railing, outdoor weather proof pieces, fire pits, trim work and so much more.

Our team is not limited to simple steel construction with paint, but we can create with Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass and more. We can spray industrial paint, use powder coating, and even Cerakote your project to give that perfect unique look. Each project we do is meticulously thought through from design to the delivered product.

Case Study

This client masterfully restored a historic home complete with a tastefully added addition that gives a touch of functional modern. The new footprint of the home created a gorgeous private patio, complete with a stainless steel outdoor kitchen and a fire table as the focal point. The finishing touch was a stainless cover for the table to keep leaves out of the lava rock and create a simple but pleasing accessory which can be viewed from the main living space of the home. The customer provided a napkin sketch of his idea and Medalist got to work. The design is 100% polished stainless, including the handles. It has locating pins to nestle into the lava rock to ensure the wind can’t move it. Unique pieces like this can give that last “wow” factor on custom built homes.

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