AMR Products

Custom carts, lifting tops, conveyor accessories, pallet stands and more for your AMR or AGV enterprise.

Often what seems like the easy part of a robotic warehouse system can become the biggest challenge. But what if you found the perfect partner who knows the ins-and-outs of making the biggest brands of robots work, just the way you envision it. Skip the learning curve of unknown fabrication shops and use the proven track record of Medalist to get you running fast.

Need to transport goods on a cart? We have standard carts to fit the big brands of robots and have created many custom solutions to fit specific customer needs. Need to use your AMR to lift and transport a cart, pallet, totes, etc? We can outfit your robot with a lifting top sequenced directly from the robot program. Too easy? How about using a conveyor to load at one Z height and conveyor unload at a different Z height? We do that too.

Case Study

This was a unique application that required clean-room style construction. We started with our standard cart design and stretched the wheelbase to support the extra wide and tall load required. Utilizing only aluminum, Delrin, and stainless materials we added height adjustable shelving, an auto lock/unlock brake, and finally a handle for manual operation complete with an override for the brake system. Working closely with Omron, we ensured this cart would not only perform properly, but would meet safety standards and work seamlessly with the LD130 CT units.

See it in Action

This custom cart being run through its paces before the production run is started.

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